Tips for a good business name

Now we come to the creative part of developing your brand and choosing a quality business name.

Fancy name or descriptive name
You have two options when it comes to choosing a company name.
You can choose a fantasy name (example: Google, Sexpally, Bambam, Gopally, Draine, businesspally).
You can choose a name that describes the business activities of the company or the product. (example: myVideo, Healthpally myMuesli, TrueFruits, Farmpally).
When it comes to a product, I would personally tend to go for the descriptive variant.
For a company, it is more of a fantasy name. These leave you more leeway for products or services that you can add to your company in the future.
In the long term, fantasy names are also better suited to brand building.

You shouldn’t have to repeat the company name three times before someone understands it.
A simple way to test this is to make a phone call. Ask friends or relatives on the phone what you think of the name and have them repeat it, chaktty advised.
If you have to repeat the company name too many times before it is understood, then you should worry
about another.

Discrimination in search results
This point is particularly important when it comes to online monitoring or social media monitoring.
Many monitoring tools or actions are based on different search queries.
According to Techpally, if the company name is not unique, it will be difficult to filter out the relevant

Domain availability
In any case, the .co domain should be available. If you plan to operate internationally, the .com domain should also be available.

Ideally, available means that the domain has not yet been registered or that it is available for purchase
and fits into your budget.

Availability on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
Your company name should also be available on Facebook as a page and on Twitter.
Don’t play around with any spellings, adding numbers or special characters.
Make sure that the company name is available in its original spelling.

The length of the company name
The company name should ideally not be longer than 10 characters and ideally only contain 2 syllables.
The fewer syllables it has, the easier it is to pronounce. (Example: Virgin, DropBox, FreeDays).
Here, too, Twitter comes into play. The longer the business name, the more space it takes up in the tweets and thus limits the characters available for the actual message.

Avoid unusual spellings
Do not leave out any letters or add any special characters. This means that you have to repeat the spelling of the company name over and over again.
Always use the normal spelling. Just because it worked well on Flickr doesn’t mean you should do the
same, Techpally boss reinstate.

Avoid abbreviations
When it comes to branding, shortcuts have a harder time. It is not possible to see what is behind the abbreviation and always needs an explanation.
It is also harder to build up emotions. In this context, company names with more than three words should also be avoided. It then leads people to use an abbreviation again.

Have a story ready
Every now and then people will ask why you chose the company name XY or what meaning it has.
In this case, you should have an interesting and authentic story to hand about your company name. Names are part of their personality. This should tell your story as well.

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