Google Ranking Factors By Expert

Major Google Ranking Factors By SEO Expert

Marketing technique is always a major concern who are in business. In the digital era where we talk about the social media, search engine, promotion, paid ads etc , Ranking a website on different search engines is always the most important and prime goal for all marketers. Since the initial days of digital marketing its always the most discussed topic in the digital marketing industry. Different experts have different list of ranking factor which plays a crucial role in the success of any business as it is directly related to traffic, visits, inquiries, subscription, signup, sale etc. Nishant Raj (Google Ads & Analytics certified Digital marketing professional) is sharing a list of Google Ranking factors which is quite informative and helpful for other marketers. As there are more than 100 factors which have a contribution in ranking a website, I am sharing the most important factors for Google ranking. Below is the definitive list of Google ranking factors:

  • Quality Backlinks

There are different thoughts over backlinks but quality backlinks has always remain the most crucial ranking factor and will remain the same in near future. Do follow quality backlinks gained through white hat technique is very important and if one get regular do follow backlinks from higher authority websites then its much much better for achieving higher ranking. Competitor analysis provides you the way to reach the higher authority same category business websites whose backlinks will add points in getting jump in your ranking.

  • Semantic Congestion

As we all know that in marketing world today content is on driving seat, it is considered as the king of the marketing world. So we have to be very accurate while developing content for the website or for the submission activities. The right set of keywords at right place along with the clear images and informative texts is required for best results. Main keyword, secondary keywords(synonyms), their placement etc are the main things to keep in mind while developing the content.

  • Coding Tags

Tags have their own importance while making a website more attractive, user friendly and seo optimized. Title tags, meta tags, heading tags, robot tag, alt tag and many more html tags are there which are important on-page activities which are considered as the important part of on-page optimization. To use these tags to its fullest you have to choose the proper keywords in different tags. For best results, on-page optimization is the first thing to do in the SEO process.

  • Web page Loading Time And Its Appearance

Website loading time these days has become very important as it affects the user interaction process. The landing page experience and website appearance is considered as the crucial factor for bounce rate and exit rate. For better performance of a business website this point is very important.

  • Structured Data

Along with the content, backlinks and other factors, structured data has now become a contributor in improvement of ranking. This is useful in tagging product features, authors, locations, ratings, etc. It has brought a change in search appearance and doing wonders for SEO.

  • Google Business Listing

Google business listing is the most prior activity to do for getting best results for local SEO. To get the physical entity identity and create a trustworthy impact in mind of visitors it is very important. With this, your business become eligible for the local business panel as well as Google maps, opening your business to nearby searchers.

  • Mobile Optimization

This is not hidden that it has been even mentioned in Google updates how mobile optimized websites are getting advantage in ranking. Mobile version is now considered for judging a website worth and its position. For best results, websites should be designed for mobile users.

The main motive behind this post is to make aware the other marketers that now ranking factors are not only limited to content and backlinks but it is also considering the other new advanced activities which are very effective and major contributors in ranking a website on search engines. Add all these while preparing a perfect SEO strategy for a business.


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