Contribution of Technology in Modern Marketing

Contribution of Technology in Modern Marketing

Marketing trends has been changing continuously with changing time. There is  a huge difference in traditional and modern marketing trends. Earlier businesses were dependent on marketing techniques like radio marketing, Television promotion, print media publicity technique etc but now in modern marketing, more focus is shifted towards online, digital marketing techniques. 

When we talk about contribution of technology in marketing, without any doubt every marketer will agree that its a huge plus for marketing people. Technology has made their task more convenient and with ease they perform their work and duties. It is very important to use the technology in the right direction with the right technique. Effective prioritization avoids wasting money and opportunities.

With evolved technology we can expect that it can affect characteristics of society from our daily lives to national security. The innovative techniques is continuously transforming the world we live in. 

Modern marketing trends which includes mobile phones, social media, web, customer relationship management system immensely affect business growth and allow people to be more intellectual in terms of understanding the needs and requirements of their prospective customers.  For development and growth of the business organization, marketer considers the technology as a crucial factor. It improves the efficiency of the business and allow to compete with the giants in the industry. Rapid evolution of technology has given a new thought process and a broad way to proceed with innovative ways of marketing and promotion.

The biggest advantage of technology advancement is the customers are now more familiar with online platforms which makes the task easy for business marketing and promotion. Meaningful insights and other details can be easily accessible by customers on just a  finger tip. Product comparison, price comparison, reviews, contact details etc all can be accessed and studied by the users before doing the purchase which is an advantage with the users. Hence contribution of technology in modern marketing is immense for both buyers and sellers. In last few years, technology started as a minor role player, but now its the star of the show.


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