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4 Tips on Creating a More Personalized Experience in Marketing

Personalization in marketing is all about making others feel special. It is about giving someone a personal experience, and not just any personal experience, the best personal experience possible. Are you searching to establish a similar personalized experience in your marketing?

Here are four helpful personalization in marketing tips:

1. Let Actions Influence the Experience

The goal of personalization is not only to give personal experiences, but also to influence choices and actions  of your target audience. So instead of just showing them a variety of things on your website, ask what they want and use their answers as the basis for providing tips on creating a more personalized experience in marketing:

1) Unique content – If you want people to feel special then give them personal experiences that no one else could get. Create different pages for each person based off their preferences. Set up personalization based on their personal interests or by giving them opportunities to tell you what they like.

2) Engagement – Connect with customers on a personal level through social media platforms and email. Social media is perfect for this as you can establish good quality connections with your customers and create dialogues and relationships that are meaningful while still being personal.

3) Trust – If personalization is important then think about how you can establish trust with your customers to help foster personal relationships.  You should essentially consider personal connection as being a two-way street. You don’t want to just give someone personal experiences, but you also want them to do the same in return for you.

4) Communication – If personalization is about communication then you need to establish ways for your customers to communicate with you and let you know what they like.  See personalization as a two-way street, not just one way. Let people tell you how they want to be treated and what will make them feel special. Then do what you can to personalize the experience for them.

2. Be Empathetic

Personalization is the art of being personal, so think about what you can do to make your customers feel special and unique on a personal level. What are their personal interests? How can you use these interests to personalize their overall experience? If they love fitness and you’re running a fitness website then create workout plans that cater to their personal needs and tastes. If they love to read and you have a personal reading blog then create personal reading lists that will resonate with their specific interests and needs.

Personalization is not just about personalization, it’s also about building a relationship with your potential customers.  It’s about providing them personal experiences that resonate with them on a personal level in a way that no one else could. When personalizing the experience for others, don’t think of it as objective personalization; instead try to personalize the experience in such a way that allows customers to personalize it for themselves.

3. Understand the Customer’s Perspective

Your customer is the most important asset. Hence, understanding their individual preference is a priority. This personalization in marketing regards should be observed with all customer needs and requirements.

A business that focuses on personalization continuously delivers a personal touch to its customers. Personalized experience for the customers can help them build trust in relation to the brand. A study conducted by CMO Council suggests, personalizing user experience is one of the best ways to improve customer experience.

One way brands are doing it is through investing in animated video productions.

 Brands like IBM, Time Warner Cable and Disney have invested in personalization through creative animated videos.  Animation helps create an emotional connection between the brand and company while personalizing the experience for customers.

4. Personalized Inbound Marketing Strategy

Each personal inbound marketing strategy is unique to the business, industry and personalization of each individual customer. Hence, personalizing content for SEO requires a personal touch.   The main objective of personalizing inbound marketing is  to deliver an experience that is unique to each visitor and delivers a brand message in a very personalized tone.

One strategy that has helped brands personalize their strategies is personalizing calls-to-action (CTAs). It adds personal relevance giving customers an added edge.

For example, personalizing calls-to-action at the end of blog articles based on readers’ personal interests and preferences helps to build a stronger personal relationship with each reader, leading them down the conversion path that much easier.


Personalization is no longer a buzzword. It’s already proven to work for brands, and it will continue to do so as technology continues to evolve. The key takeaway from this article is that personalizing your brand experience can lead you towards more sales by making customers feel like they matter in the process of buying something or using a service. We’ve provided some helpful tips on how businesses have incorporated personalized marketing tactics into their day-to-day operation – and we hope these give you ideas about what could be possible with just an extra dose of creativity! Have you tried any of these strategies? If not, are there ways in which adding personalization would help grow your business?

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