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Visual content is becoming important as most of the buyers are looking for such content for the idea of look and appearance. It is also very catchy and impactful. A survey says that ¾ of internet users in the USA search primarily for the products having the visual content. For the e-commerce business, product images are very crucial; hence it should be of superb quality from different angles and descriptive. In the words of experts, the products having professionally clicked images have a much better impact on users and the rate of conversion is also much higher in comparison to the products don’t have visual content. It results in improved conversion and lower return rates.

Google image search has a very good share in overall search volume. For e-commerce marketers, optimized product images drive new customer acquisition and result in successful buyer experience on Google Images. Google images deliver a better opportunity to get quality traffic.

With the new updates for image search now Google shows indexed images and refers traffic to publishers. Now the option of “View Image” is replaced with “Visit Site”, means directing traffic from Google Search to publisher sites. This all has given a tremendous opportunity for E-commerce marketing professionals to create an improved channel for customer acquisition through Google Image Search.

Below are few of the important points which help in optimizing your product images and allow indexing in Google search for quality traffic with purchase intent.

·        Use the Basics of Image Optimization: Having descriptive file names is key to getting your product images found.

·        Schema Markup For Images: Using structured markup to allow rich product attributes and product images lets brands attract prospective searchers while they are looking for products to purchase on Google or images that include merchandise you sell.

·        Display Your Product Facts in Google Images & Google Search: Always keep the accurate details of the product which you are selling as it authenticates the worth and makes trust in the mind of users searching for such products on Google Search and Google Images. Through Google Merchant Center, now Marketers easily upload their product feed and images allowing them to appear in search results for web and images search.

·        Use Google Knowledge Cards to show Your Product Images: This is very effective for such brands that manufacture their own products, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and/or B2B companies.

·        Build trust among Customers for Authentic Images: Always try to have authentic images before uploading it for your business website or channel partners. Try to use customer images throughout your e-commerce website.

·        Compress Your Images: The loading time is a crucial factor hence you must be sure for your image fast loading time and are well optimized for speed.

Properly followed and executed, these six image search tactics can give your e-commerce website a boost in traffic and sales.

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