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Top Powerful Platforms You Can Use Instead Of Zoom

The free platform of Zoom offers a virtual meeting for 40 minutes only; it sometimes hinders the conversation by disconnecting the meetings, and it does not fulfill all your business operations.
Sometimes security-related issues are also found in Zoom meetings. The Zoombombing feature does not restrict the entry of unwanted guests into the conferences.

Fortunately, there are tons of virtual platforms which offer you the best video conferencing experience and also allow you to host budget-friendly virtual events.

If you are planning a virtual conference or webinar for your virtual team then this blog is just for you.
In this blog, we will discuss the top virtual platforms which are the best alternative to Zoom.

So, Let’s start our blog.

If you are looking for a video conferencing platform to host a meeting virtually for your virtual team, then Mixhubb could be your great choice.

Mixhubb is a 3D robust, one of the renowned names in the virtual event industry. Mixhubb is a cost-effective virtual platform, enabling you to host budget-friendly events without any headache. Mixhubb is a self-manageable, DIY online webinar platform, where you can show your creativity by modifying the webinar in your way.

Nowadays, organizations are looking for those virtual platforms which give them safe online conferences with the most interactive features. Mixhubb offers you many such amazing features, you can create many building activities for your employees to keep them active and engaged during the webinars or conferences. Its AI Matchmaking feature enables attendees of the same interest to connect.

With its crystal clear video and audio quality, Mixhubb gives you the best immersive experience of a virtual conference. This virtual platform is a safe and secure platform where you can host unlimited events of any type and kind.

Additional features of Mixhubb are as follows,
Quick & Easy Setup
100 % Branding Opportunities
Smooth Onboarding
Easy Registration via any social media accounts
User Management
Networking Tables, Group Chats
2 Way Conversation
Breakout Rooms
Multilingual Translator
Multi-browser and Multi-device Accessible

Apart from all the above-stated features, its Data analytics feature enables you to track the insight of the online event and measure the success rate of your event.

Zoho Meeting:
Zoho Meeting is a web-based virtual conference platform that can be a good alternative for Zoom. With ZohoMeeting, you can host online meetings and webinars.
It is a web-based virtual platform that supports Android and iPhones also.

Some of the notable features are as follows,

Access Control
CRM Integration
Instant Messaging
2-way Audio-Video conferencing
Application sharing
Live Chats

Webex Meeting:
Webex Meeting is another video conferencing solution for your modern workspace. It offers many interactive and inclusive features to keep your virtual team engaged during the meeting. It has a feature that helps in minimizing disturbing noises and enhances clear voices. It also gives emojis and gesture recognition options to its user for sharing their reactions.
Other notable features are:
Live poll
Customize the virtual stage layout
Language Translator
Breakout Rooms
Automated Transcription,
Automated Notes making and highlighting.

With those amazing features, you can now try your hands on Webex Meeting instead of Zoom.

GoToMeeting is another solution for your business communication needs and can be a great choice as an alternative to Zoom. It is a safe and secure virtual platform where you can host unlimited video conferences or meetings.

Notables of GoToMeeting are as follows,
Easy setup
File sharing
Meeting Scheduler and Planner
Screen Sharing
GoToMeeting lets employees and attendees connect instantly and raise productivity, enabling flexible working hours from anywhere using any device.

Cisco Webex:
It can be a good alternative to Zoom as this platform offers many features that Zoom also provides to its users. It is a cloud base virtual platform that offers meetings, calling, messaging, and events for all sizes of the team. It is an Inclusive, Flexible, and secure platform.

Additional features of Cisco Webex are as follows,
Screen sharing
File Sharing
Dial-in -access
Raise Hand
CiscoWebex has mobile applications for Android and Apple both. Using this virtual platform, you can host a virtual event with up to 10,000 attendees. It also offers customer support care that can help users in increasing their ROI.

Microsoft Teams:
You can also use this virtual platform for virtual conferences instead of using Zoom. This virtual platform successfully replicates your in-person experience of business meetings. Microsoft Teams offers a virtual workspace that gives you the option of chatting, meeting, file and application sharing, etc.
Other key features of Microsoft Teams are as follows,
Live captioning
Video call with up to 300 attendees, but can view only 9 of them(free plan)
10,000 attendees for virtual events(paid plan)

Google Meet:
Google Meet is a video conferencing platform providing solutions for your business communication-related needs. As it is part of Google Workplace, attendees can directly join the meeting using Calendar events, email invites, or using Gmail.
Key features of Google Meet are,
With its free version, you can hold a meeting for a maximum 1 hour with up to 100 attendees only,
The paid version includes meetings for a maximum period of 300 hours with 250 attendees only. Along with this, 100k attendees can view the live streaming
It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps.
It is a secure platform.
Screen sharing
Layout adjustment
Live captioning

Zoom, no doubt, is the most popular virtual conference platform, but there are other platforms also which offer more advanced technological features than Zoom.
While looking for alternatives to Zoom, market research about different virtual platforms is a necessity.
Don’t get afraid of the term “research”. Well! We have done all the research for you, and have made the task of selecting a virtual platform very easy for you.
In this blog, we have mentioned all the powerful virtual platforms that offer you to host Budget-friendly virtual events.
You can select any virtual platforms from the list according to your need.

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