Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2023

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Marketers in 2023

Chrome extensions for marketers prove to be useful in several ways. SEO analysts and digital marketers don’t need to open websites or refer to sheets to find keywords or determine the ranking of any website. All of these details can be viewed right on your web browser!

Chrome extensions for marketers offer you the right kind of information you need without you needing to switch tabs or windows altogether. To help you pick the best, here is a list of the top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers in 2023. Check it out!

1.    Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

If you are a digital marketer and have ever used Ahrefs for website audits, keyword research, or any other strategic planning, you know how useful it is. You can get an on-page SEO report for every page you read with this Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Chrome extension.

Additionally, it helps you look for broken links and shows you the outbound or no-follow links on a website. And lastly, you can even check search results worldwide using the Ahrefs SEO toolbar.

2.    Similar Web

The Similar Web browser Chrome extension lets you check various SEO data, including country rank, global website rank, visits, bounce rate, engagement, and more. This add-on can save a lot of time by making all the information available, without any manual efforts. We can even get a comprehensive data report in just a single click.

3.    Google SERP Counter

As the name suggests, Google SERP Counter keeps track of any website’s or blog’s position on the search engine results page. It adds a number showing the SERP rank next to the result. This is beneficial since it reduces the time needed to understand where you are on the SERP manually. In addition to that, this Chrome extension for marketers has more than 20,000 users.

4.    Mozbar

The Mozbar Chrome extension can provide analytics when browsing any page on a website instantly. It can build custom searches, access and compare different link metrics across websites, audit the page and domain authority of individual pages, export reports, etc. With a whole lot of features, this extension is a must-have for all digital marketers and SEO specialists.

5.    BuzzSumo

The BuzzSumo Chrome extension allows marketers to check the number of social shares for a website. It provides information from multiple social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find out who has tweeted about a specific website (mostly your website) with just one click. This is a simple way of checking the level of engagement on a certain website.

6.    Ubersuggest

Created by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is an SEO and keyword tool that displays keyword competitiveness, CPC, and monthly search volume information. Apart from Google, it also functions well with Amazon and YouTube.

7.    Buffer

Buffer is a useful tool for organizing and planning social media posts. You can schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from a single portal. Plus, there are several other features you may find helpful, including reports and statistics, collaboration, and social media handle management.

Buffer allows posting on multiple social media channels immediately and also adds a ‘schedule post’ option for you to add to your calendar at any given time slot. Using this extension, you can also work with your coworkers on social media campaigns and monitor multiple KPIs.

8.    GrowthBar

The GrowthBar Chrome extension unlocks effective growth channels and keyword research for every website and offers immediate access to important SEO inputs. The tool lets you analyze a website’s top-performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook advertisements, and much more from the ease of your Google browser.

All you need to do is enter a search term on Google, and GrowthBar will immediately present you with SEO analytics and insights to elevate your website’s rank.

9.    SEOquake

SEOquake is a free Chrome plugin from Semrush, which gives you access to important SEO-related data, keyword research, and a full assessment of every website you visit. Semrush is often considered to be one of the best tools for digital marketers, so it is expected that SEOquake would be one of the top Chrome extensions for SEO.

What’s more? To get the most out of the SEQquake Chrome extension, you don’t need to buy the Semrush package!

10.  MagicEmail

With the help of the MagicEmails Chrome extension, you can send cold emails that are delivered straight to the inbox of your target customers. Plus, the plugin makes it easy for you to send your first campaign in under 30 seconds, thanks to its seamless UI with Gmail.

You can send emails using the exclusive MagicEmails feature by arranging them in batches. It tracks your open email rate in real-time after they are sent and provides timely feedback on the effectiveness of the campaign. The tool automatically identifies email bounces and pauses your email campaign too.

Summing Up

There is a massive availability of Chrome extensions for almost every purpose, and not only for marketers. The top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers we have mentioned in this blog post can significantly improve your marketing results. Try them out!

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