Tips for using the Adobe Illustrator application

As society develops, new jobs require meticulousness and professionalism because of the complexity and sophistication of those jobs. One of the fields that breathes the times and is constantly evolving is graphic design. The indispensable software in this field is Adobe Illustrator. It is used in many areas related to images and provides graphic designers with powerful tools for unlimited creative freedom. So let’s learn about Illustrator software in the article below.

What is illustrator software?

Adobe Illustrator is vector graphics editing software developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. If Photoshop is the preeminent software in editing available images, the illustrator is more about creating and drawing new images. Illustrator is graphic software for professional graphic artists, where they are free to create without the presence of images from a camera.

Many people often confuse Illustrator with the ability to cut and edit photos and videos, but in reality, it is not. This software has the main use of drawing graphics, using vector algorithms to create objects, supporting characters, and cartoon perspective …

Work using Adobe Illustrator

It can be said that illustrator is a must-have graphic software for any designer. It can help you do a lot of creative work in areas like:

The media

To design an advertising media product, the most important thing is creativity, vivid and colorful images, attracting the eyes and evoking the emotions of others. You’re probably used to seeing outstanding promotional images, discount codes, and eye-catching coupons, all of which are products from adobe illustrator. This is a task that hardly any software can handle other than Illustrator. 


Infographic (Information graphic) is a form of presenting information in the form of a graphic design. Illustrator makes this job easy, thereby being able to convey information to the viewer in an easy to understand, beautiful, and vivid way.


One of the important uses of the illustrator is to create an identity for a certain brand. It has a full range of tools to support the design of logos, packaging, textures for brand identity.


This is too easy with illustrator, software that allows you to perform tasks from editing colors, thickness, shapes to simulating animated hand drawings or more complex than creating shapes. Brand new photo.


Illustrator with Grid System will help you create icons with simple shapes. From there, satisfy your creativity as well as realize interesting emoji ideas every time you just think of them.

In general, when mastering Illustrator, there will be many career opportunities open to you. The fields that the illustrator focuses on are all areas that a modern society needs, which will surely bring you high income.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of illustrator graphics software?

Advantages of Illustrator software

Illustrator is Adobe’s toolkit, so its interface has a familiar shape with other toolkits of this corporation. This is a great advantage, helping users who are familiar with software such as Photoshop, Indesign … can adapt more easily.

This is also software that provides users with all the necessary tools in the creative process, 2D graphic design, excluding photo editing. Along with that comes smooth operations, great colors, and outstanding copy capacity and speed. In addition, illustrator also supports printing in any size, supports many file formats, and has high compatibility.

Disadvantages of Illustrator software

However, Illustrator still has certain disadvantages. First of all, the complexity of learning, many newcomers have given up because it is too difficult to conquer. The alignment speed of Illustrator is also quite slow because most of the alignment operations must use the mouse and align. In addition, it is also not trusted by the printing and advertising world because its competitor Corel has much better print support and direct cutting capabilities than DW.

Tips to use Illustrator software effectively

Before you start learning any software, you should learn about it in general. The presentations so far have probably helped you better understand Illustrator. The following article will introduce some more tips for beginners.

Make use of fonts

To save time and effort you can use several types of fonts available. Just go online and search for the font with the shape you’re looking for. Then download, use outline generators to convert text into paths and edit.

Select similar objects

To select multiple similar shapes or elements that are being overlapped by other elements, you can select similar objects with just a few clicks. You use the selection tool to select the same graphics. First, you select the element you want to find, go to select🡪same, then choose the right one for your needs.

Use the layers palette to manage your work

You can use the layers palette to arrange different elements in the Artboard. It also helps you rearrange the paths according to your needs. If used well this tool will help beginners save a lot of time and effort.

Create beautiful effects with Brushes

You can use brushes to increase the depth of your work. There are now many brushes available for any of your effects. In addition, taking advantage of the effects of watercolor, oil paint … reasonably will also bring high results.

Use Pathfinder to create complex shapes

Once you’ve mastered the Pen Tool, try your hand at Pathfinder. This is a tool that helps you split paths to put them in different paths. From basic shapes such as circle, square, triangle… you can completely assemble to create more complex shapes.

On the part of newcomers, you should not rely too much on tips and tricks, build an effective and disciplined learning path yourself. If you find it too difficult, find someone with experience to help or find yourself a suitable online course.


If you are a graphic designer, mastering illustrator software will make your work smoother and easier, creating momentum for job advancement. If you are a beginner, understanding and applying illustrator will open up many job opportunities for you. Learn about Illustrator, it certainly won’t let you down. Hope the article about this professional graphics software can help you.

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