Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click), sometimes called as CPC (Cost Per Click) is one of the most effective internet advertising models that is used to direct traffic to websites. PPC is performed on a website to drive quick traffic towards it. Online Branding Solution emphasizes on thorough PPC campaign by employing effective techniques like keyword identification and its incorporation. This helps the website get immediate traffic thus, bringing in quick profits.

Our Approach

The same techniques cannot be applied to all. We, at OBS, as one of the leading PPC Management Company in India, strive to provide personalized pay per click solutions to our clients and customers. The approach towards our work is explained as follows:

  • Keyword Selection– Our highly trained professionals start with the process of keyword selection and select the most appropriate keywords for your campaign
  • Budget determination – This is the next phase which involves estimation of the budget according to the company’s preferences on what they have to spend on advertising.
  • Ad Creation – The next step is to develop an Ad to attract targeted customers. A few guidelines that help make advertisement development effective. Our highly proficient staff makes sure that your advertisements contribute to successful campaigns.
  • Bid Placement – PPC works on bidding system. The company has to bid for the amount they wish to pay for each keyword on which the advertisement is made visible.
  • Campaign Review – The success of a PPC campaign depends on the ability to monitor the campaign. PPC management companies can help you with tracing and monitoring the campaign.
  • Monitoring and Result – We carefully evaluate the campaign results so that necessary actions can be taken to make the PPC programme even more successful for the other keywords and advertisements.

Online Branding Solution aims to provide affordable service to your company and help it scale newer heights with its effective PPC programs.