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SEO is a technique to improve the visibility and appearance of a business website in search results when a user searches something on different search engines. It is a widely used technique by businesses to grow in this highly competitive market. It allows businesses to have awareness among mass audience, grow their reach, establish themselves, become a brand, improve sales and much more. There are many service providers in the market who are efficient enough to serve in the best possible way. The service charge starts from $99. The charge also varies depending on the clients requirement, like target keywords, target location, expected output in terms of reach, impressions, clicks, subscriptions, sales, downloads etc. 
SEO is valuable process which is existing in the marketing practice earlier also and will remain in future with new updates. It has made marketers task easy who were earlier fully dependent on field marketing, radio, TV, and print media. SEO has brought a revolution in online marketing with its diverse features and opened many doors for different goals of the marketers. A full proof SEO strategy has the capability to add brand value to any business who was existing in the market since a long time but didn’t get such recognition. 
SEO has on-page and off-page techniques which includes various activities to complete the SEO process. Content optimization, meta data, alt tag, URL structuring, robot tag, sitemap optimization, image optimization, heading tags etc. comes under on-page optimization while directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, guest blogging, PDF submission, PPT submission, image submission, classified ads etc comes under off-page techniques. Although every activity has its own importance and brings value to the whole drive.
We at Online Branding Solution have expert professionals having years of experience in the Digital marketing serving in best manner to the clients in their budget. Our services are result oriented and worth every penny of the client. The service starts with the minimum package of $99 and goes on with additional services. The cost varies with the client requirements depending on their objective like branding, awareness, subscription, sales, downloads, reach, traffic etc. We are a dedicated team who knows to give the best to meet client’s expectation. Avail our services at best price in the throat cutting competitive market to grow and become a brand. 

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