Points To Remember While Running A PPC Campaign

Running a paid campaign needs a good research work and expertise while preparing the strategy. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone. It needs research skill, analysis skill, focusing right keywords; keywords search volume in a target location, implementing the right bidding strategy and many other factors. For better PPC campaign performance you have to take care of few very crucial points:

  • Never Underspend The Budget: Suppose you have a fixed budget for daily spending but you are not reaching near to that, it may be because your keyword list is too narrow; target radius is small, low quality scores which lead to the disappearance of ads on SERP, low search volume for selected keywords etc.
  • Refuse Branded Terms In Paid Campaigns If Already In Rank Organically: If your business website is already on top position with organic efforts, no need to waste money in paid campaigns for such branded terms.
  • Don’t Expect Same Conversion Rate From All Keywords: Different ad groups have a different set of keywords which is thereafter deep research. They can’t give the same kind of results and hence there is a difference in conversion rate also.
  • Cost Per Click Is Not The Sole Determining Factor: It is one of the factors, not the only factor so be very specific while analysis CPC. Clicks from the right audience are fruitful and it leads to the conversion.
  • Don’t Send Every Single Paid Search To Homepage Only: Landing page should be relevant so that user can get the same information for which they have clicked the ad. So have relevant landing page with the search terms for better user experience and better conversion rate.
  • Use Ad Extensions: Use proper ad extensions as they are more compelling factors.
  • Have Better Understanding Of What You Should Be Paying For Conversion: Cost for conversion is a crucial component when we talk about profit and loss. Cost of conversion is simply calculated by dividing total campaign spend by total conversions tracked.

I hope you will like this information and this will help you to improve your paid campaign performance and make good profit with your ads. If you liked it, Like, Share and Comment.

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