Facebook Messenger Features

New Facebook Messenger Features To Look Forward To

In the yearly F8 conference, Facebook discussed the overall future of the platform and reveals its forthcoming progress and structures to developers, businesspersons, and other authorities. Facebook has announced improvements in its Messenger service with additional marketing features. It became important to understand its impact on present marketing efforts.

·         Messenger Desktop App

Facebook is on the way to create a desktop app for messenger. Although it’s not a crucial update as you already use messenger on your desktop by simply login to Facebook and head over to your messages. The additional thing is that it endows teams to “have video calls, collaborate on projects or multitask while chatting.”

·         Lighter, Faster, Leaner

The main reason behind redesigning its Messenger app is to make it faster and less vigorous on the device storage. They’ve entitled the project as “LightSpeed,” and the goal is a Messenger app that launches in under 2 seconds and requires only 30MB to install which makes it fast loading and immediacy. It will increase the number of users for a lighter and faster Messenger app.  For people having low storage on mobile, this will be great stuff.

·         Close Friends Groups

One future feature is to help Facebook users have a “dedicated space” to connect and share content with their closest friends and family. The highlight of this feature is privacy. Users can share content with near and dear ones without any fear that others will see it. This feature allows for creating multiple groups. If businesses can be included in these groups then it can be a very powerful marketing channel. It would allow a business to connect with a direct group of precise customers or audience division. It can be a great tool for local marketing. B2B marketers can also use these groups as a suitable, committed space when collaborating with all interested parties at a potential client’s company.

·         Better Group Video Viewing

These days Communal video watching is in trend. Twitch, with 15 million daily active users, and YouTube’s thriving community has proved the success of streaming platforms. People have a wish to watch videos and involve with the content creator and other audiences. Facebook is also looking forward in this direction for users’ ability to engage with video content together. Facebook through live streaming is the best example of this. Creating watch parties creates much more engagement, as high as 8 times the comments than a normal video posted to Facebook. Messenger is the next step for these activities. User can share a video from Facebook app to messenger directly and invite others to watch together while messaging or on video chat. Group video calls are one of the main functions for messenger on the desktop.

At the moment, you can add six people to a messenger group video chat, but up to an additional 50 people can tune into the chat. While they won’t be able to talk, they’ll be able to absorb the video content with the group and see the conversations taking place. This could be a new type of webinar platform; one consumer would be more comfortable logging into.

·         Messenger Lead Ads Templates & Appointment Booking

This is the best feature discussed in the conference which has the most immediate marketing potential for businesses. It makes even easier for businesses to connect with potential customers by adding lead generation templates to Ads Manager. There, businesses can easily make an ad which drives people to a simple Q&A in Messenger to learn more about their clientele. And to make it easier to reserve an appointment with businesses like car dealerships, stylists, or cleaning services, we’ve created an appointment experience so people can book appointments within a Messenger conversation.”

These features open up new marketing doors and even present some fresh networks with huge potential Impact.

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