Kia Sorento '3' Review

Kia Sorento ‘3’ Review

It’s like only a few years ago when you could just think about purchasing a Kia because it was cheap. These times are gone, because there are now Kia producing affordable cars and also very impressive in terms of function and performance. In this regard We have the new Sorento on display to test whether that idea is true.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Sorento family of cars, the 3 is the trim that is mid-spec. This means that it sits just below the ‘4’ trim within the lineup. This is the case, as we had the chance to drive long ago , when the new Sorento first came out. However, is this 7-seat diesel SUV – and not an electric-hybrid model similar to the ‘4’ exactly as effective in terms of value for money than its rival? Let’s discover…


According to UK standards, the Sorento is huge. If you’re unable to see that it can fit seven people inside the appearance of its roads give you an idea. When it comes to design, consider the time Kia was making vehicles with low aspiration in order to have attractive appearance. Look at the latest Sorento and be amazed at the extent to which Kia has advanced. The bodywork is boxy, powerful, sharp, aggressive and completely contemporary.

The Sorento is without doubt one of the most attractive vehicles on the market in the present. The taillight design is one of my favorites. The new style ethos of design for Kia creates a stunning design even for what’s an ordinary family-oriented SUV. However, it’s definitely not boring to gaze at. It may require some time to get used to but is functional in form. It’s gorgeous with the dark gray paint.


When you are behind the wheel It is a joy to drive. The Sorento is a sturdy vehicle to transport around. In terms of everyday usage, the ride height is great. It’s also great for being able to get over common urban obstacles, and also providing a stunning view of the outside. The visibility is excellent – which is surprising considering its size – and it’s aided by numerous cameras and sensors scattered around the Sorento to look into your blind areas.

Thus, getting around the tight lane or parking space is easy. There’s a wealth of security technology as well to ensure that you’ll be aware of what’s in the vicinity. We didn’t anticipate anything like the athleticism or dynamism of it’s 2.2-litre 4-pot diesel motor. It’s got a low output of 199bhp and 440 Nm torque However, don’t let the numbers deceive you. It’s enough to get you between A and B.

If you’re looking to get to your destination in a hurry, it’s able to handle motorway speeds. In addition the Sorento remains a leader in the ease of use. It absorbs bumps quite well, helped in part by its comfortable suspension, and also due to tyres with a high profile. In the curves, Kia’s design of the chassis and suspension does wonders compared to Toyota sienna 2008 and Toyota corolla 2015.

Although the Sorento is a large vehicle, it isn’t difficult to maneuver even when you’re in tight curves. In general it’s a pleasant car to be in, which is the highly sought-after feature in this category of SUVs. From day to day, whether you’re making your commute to work and back to pick your children up at school. The Sorento “3 will not tire you out even the slightest bit. It’s fantastic.


As you look inside the Sorento “3”, it is a strange observation that the keen focus on detail we admire is the primary fob. Although it’s always a last resort The new Kia key fob is solid in your hand. It’s like you’ve purchased something that is worth at least two times the price. Anyway, we digress. It’s huge from front to rear, with plenty of space everywhere you turn.

In front, both the passenger and driver will spend a significant amount of time gazing at two massive screens. On the side of the driver, there’s an electronic instrument cluster. In the middle, there’s the 10.25-inch touchscreen for an infotainment display. Make sure you specify it properly, and you may also get voice control also. However they both function wonderfully providing information in a clear and concise manner, as well as being responsive.


The most interesting thing we’ve found when driving this car is actually the only Sorento to come with an electronic system to control the terrain. Similar to other hardcore off-roaders with a dial that helps manage the four-wheel drive system. With torque vectoring, it’s possible to alter the Sorrento to snowy, muddy or sandy roads. In reality, it will aid in the grip’s placement regardless of the surface.

It could be biased more toward the front wheels however the Sorento is great for all-season use, whether rain or snow. It’s true that it’s going to be a road-focused SUV instead of a 4×4 for off-roading. It’s great to have the extra range of options. With the knob on the side you can also toggle between different driving modes. One of the specialties of Kia is the “Smart” drive mode.


With the kind of car you’ll get We think that this Sorento with its mid-level trim is excellent value. In this case the Sorento costs around PS41,520 when in the market. It’s not too bad considering you can enjoy all the luxury you require without overdoing the list of options. But, it can be quite expensive if you continue going through the additional features.

In the end, you’ll need to determine for yourself whether the’4′ trim is worth the cost of $47,610. We think that the ‘3’ model is enough for the majority of people. Additionally, you’re still eligible to receive Kia’s 7-year or 100,000 miles manufacturer’s warranty.

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