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Is It Possible To Generate Web Traffic devoid of SEO?

If you have noticed clearly, there is a recent trend among youngsters mainly college-going teenagers. Unlike the old days, where every business was the talk of the locality, now every new entrepreneur wants to go global. In these days of advanced technology, the task is made very easy. You have Pavan Kumar, who has gained world-wide fame with his website, Squad. So, every youngster wants to show his/her potential to the world. Or how else will you explain the reason for so many websites on the internet, the beauty tips and all? The best example for this trend is the teenage girl, Deepthi Sunaina. She boasts of million followers in her Instagram account.

Now let us get down to simple business. The website owners are usually classified into two types. One, who is a youngster and wants to make a mark. He/she wants to make a hike in the Google rankings by all means (let us leave the black hat SEO, please). When they achieve the target they sell the website for a profit. And the other who just wants to share the knowledge with the world.

Whatever the reason, every owner of a website wants to have his/her articles viewed across the globe. In short, they want the visitors not in tens, not in hundreds, but in millions. And these owners want their loyal readers to tenously wait for their new post. And for these guys, the website is similar to their own baby. They will always give their best.

Nowadays, companies of every category, employ digital marketing professionals and SEO experts to promote their business. But are they really essential? Let us imagine, you provide repair services for microwave ovens in Bangalore. You have a website by which customers can book a call and the service is offered within the next 24 hours at their convenience. The business is popular and you want to expand the business in another cities. But first, it is your city Bangalore. As is the rule, if someone searches for the repair services regarding microwave ovens in bangalore, they will look at the first Google results. And you want the website to come to the elite category. So, you allocate a budget to the digital marketing team. But you want the SEO job to be started after two months. So, the plan of the digital marketing team for the next two months is as follows –

Is Organic Traffic Required?

Yes, that is the main question asked these days. Especially, when every social media platform offers affordable packages for advertisement. And you also get a step by step approach of the proceedings. But just imagine the basics, you pay the money and get a

million visitors to the website. And after a month? The paid visitors and advertisements will stop. You can get a million visitors, but after stopping the social media packages, you will come to know about the loyalists. Organic traffic brings and builds the loyal population for a lifetime. Remember, in business, it is always the ROI (Return on Investment). Or else, the work, office employees and your investment will be just that, in the wrong term, metrics.

1. Social Media

Everywhere, you see it is the Instagram trend. But when you compare the metrics, the ROI from social media is just six percent. Then, how come we see the Facebook shares, Twitter post and hashtags. It is because the general public follow the trend. When you compare the ROI, you find the returns are more out of search and click per cost. But yes, it is necessary in recent times to have a presence in the social media. However, you need to know the type of social media platforms that can boost your microwave industry business. Your digital marketing strategists can help you in the task.

You may have information about BuzzFeed. Do you know why it is so popular? The reasons, are of its presence in the mainly popular social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. And an important factor to note, the traffic for this website is high, damn high. The reason, their strategy. In fact, the traffic has exceeded the number of searches for this website. By five times. The millennials have taken to this platform as honey bees to a flower garden. The website offers content only to be shared. But in social media, you have to follow the humanitarian rules. You cannot join a community and post as per your whims and fancies. The rule is, get acquainted with the members. Then slowly make contributions or ask questions to quell your doubts.

The other method is infographics. It is difficult to put content on a image and modify for share worthy content. Difficult it is, but infographics come as the most shared posts in social media.

2. Advertising Online

They said – Facebook is gone, long gone. Dead and buried. In fact, if you conduct a survey, the results spill otherwise. You feel it is indeed Facebook which is spreading the false rumors to ward off the evil eye. It is Facebook ads, that has become a major part of advertising campaigns. By making use of Facebook tools, you can concentrate on only a specific portion of the population and enhance your business. And yes, conversions via Facebook Ads are easy.

Do you have multiple packages or products in your website? Then the best way to look for the perfect audience is via the Facebook Ads Manager. Here is tip for spending ads. You should refrain from spending huge amounts on online advertisements. The best way is to start slow, but keep the options open. When in doubt, get the best advice by request from experts. It is necessary to hire a digital marketing expert for your business. But you as a owner, should have knowledge of the details needed. Personally, work on every social media platform. Make notes. And yes, if possible conduct the sprint meeting. The reason, one platform features and audience will have different features from others.

Do you want to get references, guidance for your online business? Try the Linkedin. Many Linkedin Members are highh profile professionals and can influence the decisions in their company. This is for the B2B business. For the B2C, you know the social media platform – Instagram.

3. Guest Blogging

Are you good in placing ideas on paper? Then make the best use of the talent. You can generate traffic to your website. Or else, employ a content writer. He/she will find the website in tandem with your niche and get things going. They can write the articles and send them to the suitable websites. But are there keywords to search for these kinds of websites?

Contributing Writer

Contribute to our site

Contributor guidelines

Guest post

Writers wanted

Write for us

Suggest a post

Your content writer can also save time by typing the relevant keywords such as –

Name of the industry (business sector) + write for us

Niches of your industry + sites accepting guest posts (you can also change into sites which accept guest posts)

Other variations you can try are –

Name of the niche + guest article

Famous guest bloggers of your industry

Name of writers who have achieved fame in your business category and all.

Yes, other than the method, you can also look for websites that accept free guest posts. However, check their spam score. And you have to do every part yourself, right from posting the content to the images.

The most important part to check before submission of articles is the PA and DA. Ensure that the websites have rankings above 20. And do not forget the spam score. They should have rankings below 3. You can also pitch in with your digital marketing team, if you have considerable knowledge in the industry. Free online classes, are available to write the perfect content. There are free websites such as BuzzSumo which give you valuable content to write popular topics. You can use BuzzSumo to search for the guest post blogging websites. The best way is to view the guest posting website, get instructions from the editor. You can follow the same style of writing the content.

4. Guest Comments

Not good at writing articles? But are you good at your work or have profound knowledge of your industry news? Then step in and drop comments. Search for the relevant websites. For guest comments, it will be a no-follow link. But anyway, a no-follow link is better than having no links. Half a decade ago, it had become a fad to post left, right and centre in all the

websites. But now, they have also become smart. Persons used to login to a website, then put a simple sentence such as “Awesome.” And then post their website link. The practice has long waned to the horizon. Now if you post a perfect comment, you will get a no-follow link. In other cases, where only posts are done for link building, the hyper-link will disappear and the comment will remain. ‘Awesome.’ Tit-for-tat.

Rules –

Yes, always follow the rules of the industry. To prove your talent, do not share a negative comment about the competitor website. You can however promote a healthy discussion. Do not put attractive comment words with a hyperlink.

Just to gain hyperlinks, do not spam any good quality website with many fake ids, but a link of the website. It will be removed, anyway.

5. Questions & Answers Websites

There are various questions and answers websites. For example, you typed a question in Google, and the answer came in Quora. You can also find similar answers on and Now use these kinds of websites for your own company. It is organic traffic. And yes, there is no need to use SEO strategy. However, ensure that you know the art of framing the questions, and writing answers. Make a point to check questions that received the maximum number of answers and customer views.


So, it is not necessary to do SEO at the primary stages. But yes, you can get various comments from the internet regarding organic traffic. It is easy – Yu, Yo and Ah! The statement is wrong. To build organic traffic, you need to put hard work, time and effort. Yes, the awards will be unbound. So, if you have a business that pertains to microwave repair in Bangalore, you can go ahead with the above-mentioned points. We hope that you have gained valuable information regarding the knowledge to create web traffic without SEO. Yes, we have left out some points such as making videos and all. We will be covering the topics in the next section.

If you feel that a valuable point is amiss, then be kind enough to put a message in the Comments section. 

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