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How To Improve Your SERP Discoverability and Boost Sales Volume

The main job for any Search Marketer is to make the brands that we are serving directly or indirectly, either performing tasks by sitting in their office or by serving the ad agency working for them. The final output is expected as leads, conversions etc. Here the expectation we know but how to meet the expectation in today’s competitive search landscape is the main concern.

The biggest difference between past and present in terms of the competition is earlier we had direct competitors but in the present scenario, we have direct competitors as well as a variety of SERP features that often become a crucial factor in gain or loss. So while having different concerns we still are dedicated to make our brand discoverable and stand out.

The significance of ranking high on different SERP is so crucial that it can boost or drop the queries for your business. It is very important to be highly skilled in this process that how to modify a business website as per Google norms so that it can compete with giants in the same industry and can emerge on top with the targeted search terms so that people will visit your website and can do relevant action. With more results on SERP, there are more chances of visits, queries and leads. The ground-breaking approach to search marketing is “Supply the demand”. In spite of the search for new keywords, one has to target and cover more market share with the existing search queries.

Steps for being more discoverable through share of SERP

  • SERP Analysis

It allows you to understand whether the website is the best answer for a search query by users or need to think outside the box.

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

Detailed analysis is required for target customer shop/look at review sites you’re listed in.

  • Launch then Test

Are paid lists outperforming paid search or organic?

  • Most Important Measure ROI

It is very important to do analysis for costing and return which allow you to take the right decision regarding allocating budget.

How to Improve website’s Discoverability

Competitive Landscape Analysis

First, you should understand that the paid portals where the website is listed, is that the right place for your prospect customers? This is why it is important to build custom landing pages having all the information for the buyers. This provides you with performance opportunities. Each campaign must have custom landing pages.

Frictionless Call to Action (CTA)

Good landing page assures frictionless and seamless CTAs. We believe that ‘Schedule a Demo’ and ‘Request a Demo’ are the most common calls to action for the software category, but in reality, nobody really likes demos. It’s better to have a demo video on your gated landing pages. We have observed a 300% increase in conversion rate with this tactic.

Try Ditching Your Brand Name

The URL already has a brand name so can try avoiding brand name in title tags and Meta descriptions. These tags should be focused on your target search queries. The website content plays a major role in binding and attracting users on the page and enhances CTR. Emphasis on the worth and the clearness of the deal as it almost always successes when testing copy.

Target the well performing queries

You should double target the queries which are already doing well for your campaign.

Product Segmentation

If you function small enterprise and business unit, part your product and take more market share.

Use Google Display Network for Targeted Placements

Build custom display ads for targeted placements. Use GIF ads and place them as banner ads or sidebar ads on target keyword pages.

Experiment with Ranking Ad Networks

Use the Wildcard to Expand

If you are ranking well then go for more content. Find your primary keywords and ads, paste them into Answer the Public, and export it into CSV.

Doing the right things at the right time is the most important phenomena in today’s marketing process. So prioritize the things and go ahead, you are on the right track for success.

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