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How To Generate Leads Through Email Marketing?

To reach the target audience, Email marketing has become the primary method. To do well in this competitive era, more than 90 billion emails are sent every day for business purposes worldwide, and there will be a continuous rise in this number in the future.

How important the email campaigns are in lead generation?

There is always a query behind every activity, whether it is so effective that we should continue or we should drop this. In the case of email marketing, I believe it is the best way to grab your potential client’s attention. The advantage of this activity is, it is cost-effective and is cheaper than other strategies and can give as much in return – and maybe a bit more, depending on your target audience.

Steps For Effective Email Marketing


For starters, you will need to get permission from your target audience to send an email to them. And it will be a way to generate leads itself. You have to ask them to fill a form on your website, blog, or landing page, allowing you to keep their email address and send promotional material to it. And if they do it, you can already consider that they are open to keeping in touch with you, a good sign pointing to future conversions.


Nobody will bother opening an email that will give them the same information that they will find somewhere else. They will just delete it or keep it for later – meaning that they will never read it again. So if you want that your email marketing has an effect on your target audience, you will need to offer something special to them. It can be an exclusive offer, a freebie, a discount, or an early bird price. Anything that will make them believe that they are getting a great deal from you.


You probably have read that you should always personalize your emails. And the most common way to do it is by addressing your audience by their names. However, while it sounds reasonable, it might not be the best way to accomplish it. The thing is that many experts will say that too much familiarity too soon will sound fake and awkward. Especially if it is your first contact. On the other hand, what you need to do is send an email with content tailored to their needs and interests.


Retail shops are the ones with the biggest problems in this topic. They have a large range of products to sell and don’t want to waste the opportunity to promote them all. As a consequence, when they create an email marketing campaign, they tend to add several products to it. Unfortunately, there is only enough that people can take when it comes to the internet. Our already poor attention span gets worse facing our race against the clock. In order to deal with this situation, the best is that you only add up to three offers per message. More than that will only make people confused.


Another piece of content that you will improve the results that you get from email marketing is a weekly newsletter. Even if you aren’t in the news business, you still can benefit from sending to your mailing list an email with tips and articles related to your industry. It will be good for your business in two ways:

#You will be seen an authority (if you send high-quality information, of course), which will boost the trust that your target audience has on you;

# It will ensure that they remember your brand and portfolio in the long term.


You probably already have a list of statistics saying which time and day of the week are best for you to send your emails. That is a great start, but you should consider ignoring it for a while and taking your own conclusions. The thing is that everybody is reading the same statistics that you are. And they will all be sending their emails at the same time and day as you. You probably started noticing the problem it will cause: a huge competition for attention. That is to say that, depending on your target audience’s habits, maybe you should try and explore some unconventional schedule and see how they work for you.


You also need to keep an eye on the length of your email marketing. Except if you are sending emails to a specific audience who likes to read as their favorite hobby, you are better off sending short emails to your mailing list. Don’t be afraid to sound too straight to the point. In most cases, people will thank you for it. We are all busy and want to feel informed after just scanning the texts we receive. So make sure that you say what is relevant and leave your contact if they want further information. And if you think you need help, then ask for help. Look for a writing workshop or a freelance writer to help you. Just don’t waste the opportunity in front of you.


Your subject line is crucial to the success of your email marketing campaign. It will of no use if you create an amazing email if nobody clicks on your message to read it. So, before anything else, you should spend as much time as you need working on your subject line. It should be intriguing enough without sounding silly and appeal to something that your audience needs at the moment. This means you need to know it well enough to understand what appeals to it.


Statistically, more than 60% of the emails are opened /read on mobile devices nowadays. Most of the people will check their inboxes on smartphones, fewer on tablets, and then delete straight away those that they don’t want to read. Then they will open those that are left and read them if they appeal to them, or save them to read later – when, maybe, desktops will be more present. As you can see, you might have two obstacles to overcome before managing to deliver your message in full. And they both happen on the small screen. So make sure that your email marketing has been optimized to them from readability to the buttons suitable for fat fingers.


Another thing that you should consider doing is linking your email marketing to a landing page instead of your website or blog. And it is because this type of content is more suitable to trigger conversions as they have only the information required to make it happen. On the other hand, if your clients are directed to your website or blog, they will be facing many distractions which maybe not help them to buy what you want. They also might get lost throughout your pages, not find the product or service they were looking for and give up. To avoid it, make sure that you will guide them from your email marketing to your checkout.

Now you have details for how to generate more leads through emails using email marketing process. Know your target audience, their background, purchase habits, preferences and then prepare a full-proof strategy so that you can suit mails to them which will give you the best results in terms of leads.

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