We are living in a technological world. Everything surrounded us has a technological significance that directly influences our lives. Technology had, has, and will continue to have a stronger influence on our lives. Look out anywhere, starting from your own home, and you are already in a technology realm. We are all equipped with all the latest advancements be it in the kitchen, your room, or any other area of your home.

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Within minutes, the latest inventions, advancements are taking place in the field of technology. It is thereby not wrong to say that we have become fully Tech Savvy people and cannot spend even an hour without it. You can challenge yourself for it freely but trust us it is becoming impracticable to achieve and unavoidable in the future.

 Indeed, anything and everything in our lives have both positive and negative aspects. And we are here talking about how technology has impacted our lives. For society, for the world to evolve and grow, innovations in technology have become very important.

These technological creations have been discovered to meet the never-ending yet important requirements of human beings which is why now we are inseparable from technology. Once that technology is developed, it satisfies those needs to a great extent but is again, has its own sets of problems as well. As a result, this gives rise to another technological need and here we go, a cycle has begun.

  • Be it the earliest of civilizations till the present generation in which we are living, technology has greatly impacted our lives and that too in a positive manner. Indeed, it has a great set of negatives attached to it as well, but we cannot deny and be thankful enough for all these great innovations which if we presently give a thought, cannot live without.
  • Be it our studies, work, home, entertainment or to fulfill the necessities of food, home, and clothes, all these are the gifts of technology. The infusion of technology into our lives is something that we are grateful for.

Now, let’s look at some major fields where technology is leading and we are thankful for it.

  1. Education– Seeing the present circumstances when the entire world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, education is one such field that has been affected the worst. Children are not able to go to schools, colleges, coaching classes. But thanks to online classes that have resulted in a revolution in the field of education. Both teachers and students can easily take and attend classes respectively from any time, anywhere, and have made education so easy to access.
  2. Communication – Today, when the entire world is under a lockdown, where they cannot meet their near and dear ones, smartphones, laptops, and other devices have become our best friend that connects us with our loved ones. These gadgets have even become our work home and we can work remotely and conveniently.
  3. Personal lives– Talking about ourselves individually, technology has given a hell of a lot of stock to us for our daily entertainment. We can spend quality time with our friends and family members, play games online, watch web shows and movies via Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms. Keeping yourself up to date on social media platforms is one thing that we cannot live without now.

Even though we take it for granted, we should be thankful for all that this amazing word has given us and will give us in the days to come. Technology is something that will never rest and is always in work mode. Regardless of all, there is no denying that Technology brings constant transformation which is going to impact us and our lives always.  

Technology has not just allowed humans to invent wonders but has also connected them with places we have never though of. Just by sitting at your home, you can easily check what’s happing in the universe or with any other planet. From providing Earth as around to innovating devices like Robots, technology has evolved.

With the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it is believed that technology would replace human civilization at a certain point in time shortly. Though there are many drawbacks too, but its advantages weigh more. Hence with technology applications like connected India are being developed that aim at impacting people’s lives in a positive way.

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