Brand Measurement

Brand Measurement Is Important For International Search Marketers

Digital era has brought a revolution in marketing and promotion industry. It has facilitated many platforms through a marketer can create awareness, promote, market, sell their product or services in a very effective way. It has become a necessity for the brands and even small businesses to use the digital marketing services so that they can reach among mass users who are very active these days on online channels like social media portals and other portals. During the process of marketing for any company, one must have to measure the brand popularity which will help to prepare the right strategy.

To move ahead in the right direction one has to choose the efficient service provider as there are very few SEOs who fully understand and execute the plan for the desired result of ranking, traffic, visitors, inquiries, sales, branding etc.

  • Brand Measurement

While preparing the strategy, brand measurement is necessary as it will give the right status and will help in effective strategy preparation. If the brand traffic is declining then it can’t be taken casually as it is a serious issue. It’s not necessary that one is doing something wrong; it may be because of some external reasons which are affected by various factors. It may be cultural winds, environmental reasons, geographical factors etc. Here measuring Branded search is important. It is crucial for the best ROI for most businesses. It is paramount to do brand measurement for search marketers. For foreign clients, brand measurement helps in:

  • Diagnose differences in global performance.
  • Determine the optimal budget allocations.
  • Develop region-specific content strategies.
  • Overcome cultural barriers to growth.
  • Grow a worldwide market leading brand.
  • Current Options for Brand Measurement

With different search options, we are able to find what is going on to our branded terms, social monitoring, social tools for social listening, brand mentions, sentiment, and the like. The other brand lift solutions are YouTube, Facebook, Spotify etc. With these solutions, one can compare who saw the ads versus who didn’t. This gives a detail data regarding ads view and ad performance. These advertising platforms allow true brand measurement. The activities followed by broad market research enable to do so.

  • Methodology

By doing the brand measurement, you measure your consumers. Before this a search marketer must look for the following elements:

  • Accurate metrics
  • Target Market

Steps of the brand measurement process:

  • Survey platform selection
  • Panel and study creation
  • Research commences
  • Brand metrics and analysis
  • Results and recommendations

Key terms related to the brand measurement process:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand frequency
  • Brand familiarity
  • Brand favorability
  • Brand emotions
  • Purchase consideration
  • Brand Preference
  • Brand demand

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